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Matthew Warder PT Coach
What should I wear?2023-12-13T20:20:34+00:00

Comfortable clothing for working out in, flat sports shoes but you can do the HIIT and S&C barefoot if you would prefer.

How physically fit or strong do I have to be to complete the training plan?2023-12-13T20:20:10+00:00

You will be given training adaptions to make exercises easier or harder, the plan is made to suit different abilities but allow everyone to make progressions in their climbing and strength.

Do I need to be an experienced climber to participate?2023-12-13T20:19:46+00:00

Participants need to be climbing v3s or above for this course

But what if I get injured?2023-12-13T20:19:06+00:00

We can reimburse you for the rest of the sessions you have left or postpone your program to the next one available.

If there aren’t enough participants, what can I do?2023-12-13T20:18:43+00:00

We will issue a refund to those who have booked but will also do our best to encourage people to book up the classes.

How intense are the classes and do I need to be physically fit?2023-12-13T20:22:36+00:00

With every exercise given there will be adaptions to make them suitable for the intensity you need, you can work as hard as you want too. We will be there to motivate everyone to try hard but also correct dangerous form if needed.

What should I wear?2023-12-13T20:21:37+00:00

Wear anything you use for physical activity and some comfortable trainers.

What if I arrive late?2023-12-13T22:13:02+00:00

Please arrive 15 minutes early as we need to start promptly to cover everything on the plan.

Can I join?2023-12-13T20:15:06+00:00

Anyone can join the HIIT Classes at Stronghold however you will need to be a minimum of 18 years old.

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