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Sunset at Mabley Green
But what if I get injured?2023-12-13T22:12:45+00:00

We can reimburse you for the rest of the sessions you have left or postpone your program to the next one available.

How old do I need to be to join?2023-12-13T22:12:26+00:00

You need to be 18 years or older to join.

Is equipment provided?2023-12-13T22:12:03+00:00

You are provided with rental shoes if needed and chalk for the session, the climbing and gym equipment for warming up is included as well.

What if I can’t make a week?2023-12-13T22:11:42+00:00

If you can’t make a week then please let us know as soon as possible and you can be put on to the next consecutive round for the week you have missed.

Is my entry included in the price of the program?2023-12-13T22:11:14+00:00

As a member your entry is included in the price of the program however if you a punch card holder or a non-member then you will have to pay for the price of an entry to the wall or use a punch/entry.

Can I join?2023-12-13T22:10:24+00:00

Whether you are a new climber to the gym, a member, or a day pass climber you can join the 4-week classes.

What if I arrive late?2023-12-13T22:13:02+00:00

Please arrive 15 minutes early as we need to start promptly to cover everything on the plan.

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