National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS)

NICAS Bouldering for kids in London

FAQs – NICAS Bouldering 

Your child won’t miss out on anything that is on the NICAS Bouldering syllabus as our coaches are trained to work at the level and speed of the child. This is one of the advantages of NICAS Bouldering in that your child will learn at their pace and get to climb with other keen kids!

Our NICAS Bouldering sessions are term time, one off, payments so we cannot refund or credit any sessions missed by children. Please make sure to double-check that the times and dates suit you and your child’s schedule.

All children will have to complete a NICAS Level 1 before moving onto LEVEL 2 and then onto LEVEL 3. The scheme doesn’t allow Levels to be missed.

Even if your child is an experienced climber they will learn and improve with our NICAS Bouldering coaches. More than that, they will have fun!

If looking to move kids between sessions you must email the Lead Coaches and they will help you with this and explore any options.

For Tottenham Hale this is and at London Fields it is

They can indeed. Just book the sessions you want. You will be paying for the full term time for both sessions.

Unfortunately, we cannot split one term time payment over 2 different days.

Alternatively, they can mix NICAS with our popular climbing clubs which can be booked on a session by session basis all year round including holiday times.