Kids just want to climb! We recognise the importance of having a recreational club to sit alongside the NICAS Bouldering sessions.

Rockers Club can be a point of entry into the sport and used as a taster session for climbing, or even a regular club without the commitment to a full term.

If your child wants to climb on a fun session with other kids but not have to follow a syllabus for learning, then Rockers Club might be the place.  Rockers Club can also be used as a place where kids on NICAS might want a break or to supplement their climbing on another club. It is open to anyone of any ability.

Rockers Clubs take place throughout the year at both centres and can be booked on a session-by-session basis.

It costs £15 per session however you can buy a 10-entries punch card at the reception desk for £120 which can be used at all Stronghold centres.

Groups are separated by ages 6-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs and 13+ yrs.