We’re hosting the London Mountain Film Festival!

Thanks to the amazing response we got on Monday for the last screening… we’re doing it all over again with loads of new films to show.

Our next set of films will have more climbing but also some films focused on Mountaineering and Running.

Join us next Monday at London Fields to watch some of the latest Mountaineering and Climbing films to come out!

This event is completely free and no bookings required! If you are free on Monday and looking for some climbing inspiration, JUST ROCK UP!

Date: Monday 27th Feb
Time: 6pm-10pm
Location: Stronghold London Fields Café

Climbing Films:

Not Alone

Heather Mosher | Runtime: 43:52

After an ice climbing avalanche takes the life of her friend, professional climber and guide Sarah Hueniken finds herself questioning everything about her life in the mountains.


Jaron Pham | Runtime: 25:54

Three friends embark on a journey to the Chilean granite paradise of Cochamo, where they hope to get the first free ascent of an existing aid line. Picaflor is a 25-pitch monster on the 1000 metre Cerro Capicua, and turns out to be more of a challenge than the team expects. Full of suspense, beautiful cinematography, and lighthearted moments, this story is sure to light a fire in the viewer to get into the mountains with friends.

The Ascension of Focus
Liam Kilsby-Steele | Runtime: 01:33

This film looks to portray the struggle of focus that people with ADHD have daily and how sports, specifically climbing helps them achieve a heightened level of focus and clarity.

The Most Psyched

Lucas Corroto | Runtime: 09:55

Dylan Soin is the most Psyched person you will ever meet. Born in England, he emigrated to Australia when he was 4 years old, and he started climbing at only 9 years of age. He can proudly say he has “bouldered his age”, after sending Deep Blue Sea, one of the iconic V12/13 boulders in Sydney, and he is currently projecting 33s/8C.

Mountain Films:

Nature Connection

Mark Vaughan | Runtime: 13:27

Driven by a desire to offer young people new perspectives on the world, Manu Maunganidze leads a group of 16 teenagers from inner-city Bristol on a journey into the Welsh mountains.


Wes Overvold, Erika Share | Runtime: 46:38

High in the Himalayas along the border of Nepal and Tibet exist some of the world’s most ancient mountain cultures. Although their remoteness has ensured the longevity of their traditional heritage, the lack of access to education has contributed to a dark history of exploitation. In one of these remote valleys, a stranger arrives with the hope to break that cycle and rewrite the future of its people.

Running Films:

Free to Run

Carrie Highman, Tim Highman | Runtime: 30:57

Amplifying the voices of Afghan women who continue to experience an attack on their basic human rights as we near the one year anniversary of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Now is the time – the women of Afghanistan must be free to run.

Solo & Unsupported

Huw Erddyn, Llion Iwan | Runtime: 37:31

Russell Bentley’s record-breaking Winter Paddy Buckley attempt – a 100km mountain running round climbing over 47 of Eryri’s (Snowdonia) highest summits. To beat the record he will have to run for over 20 hours on his own with no support from anyone… and he’s afraid of the dark.