Mabley Green Boulder Hackey Autumn 2022
Female climber bouldering outdoors at Mabley Green
Climbers looking at outdoor boulder problem at sunset. London, UK.

Back in August; we headed to Mabley Green in Hackney. The evening sky was just setting in as we approached the boulder. Ryan, Patch, Manon and I dropped our matts at the base of the iconic Cornish Grit boulder. With the matts laid, we threw on our shoes, ready to pull on.

In case you didn’t know; London has two outdoor boulders for the public to climb. One at Mabley Green and one in Shoreditch. We had a team outing to Mabley Green for three reasons: To get outdoors, test out our new merchandise on the wall and pay respect to the boulder that helped so many of us during the lockdowns.

As a tribute to Mabley Green being the centre of London climbing during the COVID times; we made this awesome boulder the centre piece to our new Autumn/Winter range.

Our graphic on the back was actually illustrated by our good friend RP Roberts (instagram here); RP Roberts has illustrated all our previous boulder designs from around the world and we’re super pleased to have him on board for our latest design.

Back of climber wearing white Stronghold vest.

Our Autumn range came out a little over a month ago so you might have seem some climbers rocking this design. My personal favourite is the Off White Jumper!

I would like to give a huge shoutout to Erin Estrada (climbing beast, brilliant fashion designer and a great friend of Stronghold) who spent many months working with us, liaising with factories, choosing fabrics, dyes and all round developing this idea into reality!

Because of Erin we are pleased to say that our new products are high quality, sustainable and produced entirely within the EU. They are designed with fit and durability in mind. The fit is specific to Stronghold UK, We based the fit around various body types and sizes with the aim to suit all, be super comfy and durable enough for you to climb in.

We had a great time as a team at Hackney’s answer to outdoor climbing. The weather was amazing and just as the sun started to set, Chi Chung (check out his amazing photography here) snapped these lifestyle shots of us on the boulder and modelling the merch, which turned out amazing.

We’re really excited about this new line of clothing and hope that you are too! We can’t wait to see everyone wearing it on the boulders! If you have any questions about our new clothing line or want to get some; stop by one of our gyms! We’re happy to help!

Climber with bouldering mat wearing new stronghold t-shirt in green.
Mabley green white long sleeve shirt. Stronghold Autumn 2022
mabley green vest black stronghold clothing


Sunset at Mabley Green