Spring Comp Series Poster - It is back!

The Comp Series Round 2

Launch night Thursday 3rd March, 7pm, with live DJ

>> 30 Problems

>> 1 month to climb them

The time for pulling hard and challenging your mates is back. The first round has been fantastic with some amazing sends of some very hard problems. We are also psyched that over 200 0f you have taken part so far, challenging yourselves by coming back to sent that one. last. project. We’ve heard some great stories of people amazed at the problems they have completed that felt entirely undoable the first time they tried them. That is what the Spring Series is all about – pushing yourself that little bit more to see how hard you can climb.

We’re back with Round 2 with a bang on our launch night with a DJ from 7pm, Tenaya shoe demo, Kletterkalk sampling and Tenzing are around to keep the energy levels high! We will have a live leader board and some giveaways to keep you psyched too. The problems will be fresh on the wall so head down to get them ticked off before everyone else.

The competition will be run again through the Griptonite App where you will be able to log all your ascents and see your current placement.

Scoring System

If you didn’t compete in the first Round then here is the lowdown on the scoring system.

Every problem will have 1000 points available which will be split between all ascensionists. Each time someone logs a climb with points will be divided E.g., If two competitors complete a climb then each competitor is awarded 500 points, if four competitors complete a climb then it will be divided four ways and 250 points will be awarded to each competitor. Using this new scoring system allows everyone to work and project some of the competition climbs over the month-long rounds. It removes the need to flash a problem to get maximum points – time to get working on those hard ones and get a split of the points!

Round 1: Thursday 3rd Feb
Round 2: Thursday 3rd Mar
Round 3: Thursday 7th April
Round 4 – including Grand Final!: 7th May (ONE DAY ONLY EVENT)

There will be five different age categories split into Male and Female groups:

Veteran 45yrs+

Senior 18-44yrs

Junior 15-17yrs (Juniors can choose to compete in the Senior category if they so wish)

Youth B 11-14yrs

Youth A 6-10yrs

Competition Rules:

The Spring Competition Series is a relaxed and fun competition which will lead to a tense final on the Grand Final day. Even though it’s a relaxed atmosphere there are still a few rules which need to be followed.

If you are un-sure of any of the rules just speak to a member of staff and they will happily advise you.

The Rules:

  • All participants must create a profile on the Griptonite App and enter the correct age category.
  • Registration fee is £6 (£4 for monthly / annual members / U18) which allows you to register for the whole comp series. Includes your chance to win from the £2000 prize fund that we will be giving away across the 4 rounds
  • You must have paid the registration fee to participate in any of the rounds. The fee is paid at Stronghold Tottenham Hale reception only.
  • The competition series will take place ONLY at Tottenham Hale.
  • Each climb will be marked with two numbered start tags and one QR code tag.
  • You can enter your successful at any time on the Griptonite app. Can’t find the problem on the app, scan the QR code.
  • Competitors must start with a hand on each of the tagged starting holds.
  • You can use the walls or volumes for smearing if required.
  • The last hold must be matched in control for a minimum of 3 seconds for it to be a successful ascent.
  • Scoring will be allocated via the Griptonite App.
  • Each problem will be worth 1000 points which will be divided between all ascensionists. E.g., two accents mean 500 points per competitor, four ascents mean 250 points per competitor.
  • A competitor’s number of attempts for an ascent does not affect the given score.
  • The position a competitor places in each round will be multiplied by their placement in the next round to give a final placement position. Only the two best placement scores from the three rounds will be taken. A minimum of two rounds in addition to the final day round must be completed to be put forward for the grand finals.
  • The grand finals will be scored based on number of attempts in a time-controlled setting.
  • Overall winners will be allocated in gender and age categories.