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What’s The Siege?

The Siege Bouldering League is a fun, friendly, competition that is made up of 4 rounds over the course of 4 months. It ends with a spectacular Grand Final that will pit the top 6 competitors from the previous rounds in a World Cup style format with a large cash prize up for grabs!

Guidelines and prize breakdowns at the below link and scroll down to find out more about how the league works!

How does the bouldering league work?

The first 3 rounds of The Siege start with a launch evening and then you have 26 days to top as many problems as you can. Each competitor has unlimited attempts to climb the problems – all that matters is the top. Each of the rounds begin with an opening night that has a live DJ, raffle prizes up for grabs for all climbers on the night and 30 brand new, fresh, problems to get on.

The 4th round (Finals) is different in that it will be a one day event held in the daytime before the Grand Final. It will have some surprise problems in store for climbers as climbing should always be fun.

The Grand Final takes place in the evening after the end of round 4. Our Grand Final competitors will be selected after the first 3 rounds in the league. The selection will be based on the top 2 positions placed by each competitor in rounds 1,2 and 3. Only the Senior Men’s and Women’s categories compete in the Grand FInals. The chosen 6 competitors from each category will be contacted by Stronghold prior to the finals. All Grand Final competitors do not compete in round 4.

All seniors not selected for the Grand Finals; we will be running ‘Senior best of the rest’ Men’s and Women’s categories. To compete for this category, you will need to climb in at least 2 of the 3 preliminary rounds and climb in round 4 (Finals).

How does the scoring work?

Every problem will have 1000 points available which will be split between all ascensionists. Each time someone logs a climb the points will be divided E.g., If two competitors complete a climb then each competitor is awarded 500 points, if four competitors complete a climb then it will be divided four ways and 250 points will be awarded to each competitor. Using this scoring system allows everyone to work and project some of the competition climbs over the month-long rounds. It removes the need to flash a problem to get maximum points – time to get working on those hard ones and get a split of the points!

How do I enter?

You can enter at any time during any round at a Stronghold reception desk. There is a cost of £5 to enter an individual round or £12 up front to enter all rounds. Round 4 is free to enter on the finals day.

Once you have entered you will be given a QR code that will allow you to enter your scores on the Griptonite App that we use to keep track of all competitors.