January 2021 has been a tough month for everybody. As a climber it can be tough to keep the training up and keep motivated when there is no end in site. At the time of writing we still don’t have a date for when we will be allowed to open but we wanted to share with you some photos of the work we continue to do onsite.

With a brand new shiny centre ready for you when you return to Stronghold, hopefully this will give you the nudge you need to get back to fitness.

Light coming in to the climbing centre

Evening light on the very first walls being built

Stronghold climbing - death star returns

The Death Star comes with us from the old centre

Fresh paint on the bouldering walls

Paint starts to go on

Recycled walls from Ashley Road & fresh new matting

Matting beginning to go in

Tottenham Hale climbing centre

Final touches to the big roof

If you’d like to see some more photos from the build, take a look at our Stronghold instagram post below. This shows a range of photos throughout the 3 month wall build process. Keep up to date on all the latest news and photos by following us via that page.


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